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April 16, 2008

Study determines patient attitudes

nurse-with-patient.jpgA 2007 study aimed at determining renal patients’ attitudes toward home dialysis finds that home dialysis patients are more compliant when they are able to work their treatments in around their daily schedules.

“During the initial period of adjustment to treatment, many participants learned their need for treatment by experimenting with the therapeutic prescription. They then used their knowledge of the therapy to alter their treatment regime to maintain their normal lifestyle. Having modified their therapeutic prescription, participants’ motivation to continue meeting the continuing demands of the treatment regime was influenced by their individual life situation, including their relationships, work and personal attitudes towards life.”

Read the full abstract.

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March 31, 2008

Study finds buttonhole benefits

A 2007 study shows that “compared with the rope-ladder technique, the buttonhole method offers the advantage of an easier cannulation procedure with less bad sticks.” Thirty-eight patients with native arteriovenous fistulas were observed over an 18-month period. The research team monitored a number of things including cannulating ease, pain, bleeding and number of bad sticks.

Read the full abstract or visit for more information about home dialysis.

March 7, 2008

Study finds home hemodialysis is viable option

A 2007 comparison of home hemodialysis and in-center hemodialysis shows that home dialysis is “a viable dialysis option for end-stage renal disease patients capable of self/partner-administered dialysis.”

The study was conducted using 32 dialysis patients at 6 different U.S. centers over an 18-week period.

Read the full abstract or visit for more information on home dialysis.

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